Bird Weekly # 4 – Ducks & Geese


Bird Weekly # 4 – Ducks & Geese

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Ducks and Geese


This looks to be a Muscovy Duck. It is mostly black with a few white spots. He has a distinctive red area around the eyes. This one was at a local park.

This one is a Canada Goose. We have thousands that winter over at our lake by the house. I always love seeing them.


Here are some more ducks:

  • A stone duck head
  • A white duck decoy
  • A big white duck
  • Yellow duck salt & pepper shakers

IMG_2839 img_4881 img_4884 img_4883


And a funny joke!


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I commented earlier but it didn’t take. Ugh! Love the salt and pepper shakers and happy you through in a joke! You have a domestic Muscovy Duck. I can’t say I’ve ever seen a wild one as they are in Mexico. I suppose they could cross the border into Texas…very South Texas. 🙂


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