Bird Weekly # 3 – Waders


Bird Weekly # 3 – Waders

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Waders


I think this is some kind of heron. We see them at the lake by our house all the time, but this one flew over the houses that day.

IMG_2061 IMG_2063-1



This is a white stork we saw at the Kansas City Missouri Zoo last year. She is white, with some black along the wing edges, and red around the eyes. Her beak is orange. There is also a baby stork with the large stork. They are getting a drink from a black bowl.


My painting of some pink flamingos I did a long time ago.



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    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I wasn’t sure what kind of bird that was, so thanks for identifying it. We do see these and some all white ones over there a lot. Glad you like the painting! 🙂

    • Thanks, Deborah! Glad you like the flamingo painting. I was surprised to see the large bird up on the chimney top and flying around that day, too, as usually they are wading in the lake by the house. Just happened to look out at the right time. 🙂

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