Bird Weekly # 2 – Yellow Feathers


Bird Weekly # 2 – Yellow Feathers

Bird Weekly – Photo Challenge – Birds with Yellow Feathers


This week Lisa has asked for birds with yellow feathers. Thanks, Lisa!

As far as I know we don’t have actual birds with yellow feathers around here. I’ve never seen one. So, here are some funny ones:

  • Pet store sign – yellow & green parakeet says ‘Will chirp for seed’
  • A real chicken – sort of yellow & orange feathers (my cousin’s chicken)
  • Yellow canary painted rock my grand-son sent me
  • My fuzzy yellow chicken toys

IMG_3372 DSC00144 img_5181


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Lisa! Glad you liked these, as I didn’t have a real yellow bird to show. Yes, my grandson painted lots of rocks awhile back, and sent me several. I loved to get them. 🙂

      • I wished my grandkids sent me homemade gifts but only one is crafty and artistic. I did get the opportunity to teach her how to do a Haiku during the lockdown via FaceTime. It was one of her assignments. She is in third grade gifted classes & she had to write 3 of them. Then my daughter said she wrote a 4th one just because. It was awesome! She got straight As for the first time this last quarter and flies into 4th grade. 😊

      • That is really wonderful about the poems! And isn’t face time great! Not as good as seeing the grandkids in person, but I’m glad someone invented phones that can do that.
        Congratulations on your grand-daughter’s grades and promotion to 4th grade! 🙂

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