Fibbing Friday – Spring


Fibbing Friday – Spring

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

Find out more at the link found below.

Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you.
The idea though is to fib a little, a lot, tell whoppers, be inventive, silly or even outrageous in your response as long as you evade the truth (or maybe bend it a little).


The questions & my answers:



  1. Why is Spring so named?  … Spring is what cats like Tigger do – they think it’s a fun game to spring out at you.


  1. What are “Spring Greens”?  … These ‘spring greens’ are all the Crayola crayon green colors lumped into one.


  1. What’s a Spring Roll? … The spring roll is what kids do at Easter time by rolling down a grassy hill.


  1. What makes June 6th so important?  … June 6 or if you prefer 6/6 is known as wear a funny hat day.


  1. What happens on June 20th of this year?  … You start thinking there are too many holidays in the month of June.


  1. What happens on June 21st of this year?   … You decide to boycott any more holidays in June.


  1. Why is Father’s Day always on a Sunday?  … Father’s Day falls on a Sunday every time, because lots of sports happen on Sunday.


  1. What was the book, Silent Spring about?  … It was the year that they enacted the ‘no noise day’ into law.


  1. What does a balance spring do?  … Those silly balance springs – we all love them because who doesn’t love pogo sticks!


  1. What makes spring water special?  … Spring water is special because it’s the right temperature – not freezing as winter water, and not boiling like summer water.


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    • Thanks, Jim! Pogo sticks were a lot of fun. I once hopped on my pogo stick from our house to my grandma’s house a block away without falling! haha – so silly. 🙂

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