Forgotten Phrases # 5 – Dig


Forgotten Phrases # 5 – Dig


These are short phrases (or micro fiction) that I wrote years ago.

This one I wrote for a writing challenge back in July of 2016.


Subject: Farming

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Dig, hoe, rake, plant

Dig, hoe, rake, plant

Jim Bob felt like an automaton, now, just like everyone else.

Dig, hoe, rake, plant

Straight rows, down the line, even spaces, he was not allowed to stop.

Strange voices, weird food, sickening smells…just keep going.

The plants talk to him, chanting…

Dig hoe, rake, plant

The aliens look on, and revel in their take-over of the Earthlings.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2016 BS

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