End of the World – Song Lyric Sunday – end/finish/over/stop


End of the World – Song Lyric Sunday – end/finish/over/stop


Today for SLS, Jim has given us the prompt of finding a song that includes either ‘end/finish/over/stop.  Thanks, Jim.

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This is a song I like a lot. I only thought it was an original Herman’s Hermits song, but I found out different.

I’ve included the original, by Skeeter Davis, and also the extra one by Herman’s Hermits. I actually prefer theirs the best.

The lyrics are on the first video.


Here’s a little bit about the song from the Wiki article:


The End of the World” is a pop song written by composer Arthur Kent and lyricist Sylvia Dee, who often worked as a team. They wrote the song for American singer Skeeter Davis, and her recording of it was highly successful in the early 1960s, reaching the Top-5 on four different charts, including #2 on the main Billboard Hot 100. It spawned many cover versions.


“End of the World”, by Skeeter Davis, was released as a single in1962. It was written for her by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee, and is on the RCA Victor label.



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    • Thanks, Jim!
      I hadn’t heard it in awhile, and it just came to me a little bit ago (after almost posting a couple of other ones). Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

    • Thanks, Li!
      It sure is. I was surprised at how many others had covered this song. Could be that is one reason a song becomes classic, that so many want to record it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Holly!
      They sure did. I really like this song, and seems a lot of artists did also, as there was a long list of other recordings of this one. 🙂

  1. You know, I do feel like it was the end of the world when my boyfriend broke up with me in high school. It did feel like the end of the world. Loved Skeeter Davis’ version!

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