Chicken – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ‘ch’


Chicken – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ‘ch’ 

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS May 23/2020


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ch.” Find a word that starts with “ch” and use it as your prompt word. Bonus points if you start your post with that word. Enjoy!


Chickens! I love chickens of all kinds. Here’s a picture of my cousin Mike holding a couple of his chickens. He’s been raising exotic chickens for many years. He gives them names and makes pets out of them, and also gathers their eggs.



I always thought this was a funny song. I don’t know if his song is recounting a true experience of his or not, but I can sure imagine it happening – getting stuck behind a huge truck hauling chickens.

I know we’ve been on some of those small country ‘highways’ where we were stuck behind a car or truck, and couldn’t pass them, because the road was so curvy you couldn’t see if another car or truck is coming in the other direction toward you.


“Chicken Truck”, by John Anderson, was released as a single from his album, “John Anderson 2”, in 1981. It was written by John Anderson, Monroe Fields, and Ervan James Parker.

From the Wiki article:

Photo of a large truck hauling cages of chickens (from a video of the song)

The song features Anderson (in first person narration) discussing an experience of getting stuck behind a Georgia truck hauling a load of chickens (Georgia is a major poultry-producing state), on Alabama State Route 65 (a winding, 2-lane highway in Jackson County in the northeast corner of Alabama) heading to Tennessee in mid-July. The driver is unable to pass the truck, which is causing a potential crash as the feathers from the chickens are clouding up the driver’s windshield. In the second verse Anderson is finally able to pass the truck, and notices the driver has a box of “Colonel Sanders” on the dashboard while carelessly tossing the scraps out the window (and on to Anderson’s vehicle).



Well it was mornin' when I left Alabama
It must have been around in Mid July
I got behind a chicken truck from Georgia
And the feathers were a flyin' like snow out of the sky

I couldn't get up the speed enough to pass him
And a funny smell was a gettin' close to me
And somethin' keeps on messing up my windsheild
And the farther I go the harder it get's to see

Chicken truck chicken truck behind it I'm stuck
Chicken truck chicken truck it's just my luck chicken truck on Highway 65
Well the hens are a sqaukin' and the roosters are a crowin'
Slowin' me down when I need to get goin' chicken truck on Highway 65


He slowed down and I tried to drive around him
On a big long hill just south of Tennesee
He had a box of Colonel Sander's on his dashboard
And he was eatin' fried chicken and throwin' his bones on me

Chicken truck chicken truck...
Chicken truck chicken truck...
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© 2020 BS

17 responses »

    • Thanks, June!
      There are some really beautiful kinds of chickens that my cousin raises. But I like even regular ones. That song – I like it, but not the fact that there are caged chickens being hauled like that. 🙂

    • Thanks, Janet!
      Sorry, had to smile at your statement. 🙂
      I’ve always been a fan of chickens, ever since when I was a kid and our next door neighbor had a lot of chickens in her back yard. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jim!
      I had this kind of ready a long time ago for a SLS post but never posted it. Guess the song worked out okay for the SOCS post though. 🙂

  1. Pretty good song! I used to raise chickens. Where does your cousin get the rare breeds from? We had silkies and Americana’s, in addition to our Rhode Island reds and other common kinds. I would love to have them again but I do not enjoy it in the winter when it is so cold and the eggs freeze, the water freezes,…

    • Thanks so much! Very cool that you raised chickens, and there are so many kinds.
      I don’t know where he gets his from, just that he orders them and they get sent to his place. I’m not sure exactly if these are his Houdan and Polish Silver, but I know he calls one Houdie, and one Silver as their pet names. 🙂

      • Super cute! I do miss them a lot! They are very peaceful, unless of course there happens to be a nasty rooster, which I have had those too.

      • They sure are. I’m sure it would be quite an undertaking to raise broods of chickens and to keep them all safe and healthy. Haha those roosters 🙂

  2. I think the exotic chickens are a hoot to watch as they strut around the yard. Our neighbors had some for a couple of years, it was nice to have fresh eggs available so close by! Plus chickens eat a lot of the annoying little insects, like ticks. That’s a funny song, I’ve never heard it before? Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks, Shelley!
      I was surprised there were so many kinds of chickens, and all so interesting looking. We’d seen some at a fair one time, and I guess they were ‘show’ chickens and won ribbons for best of breed thing like that. Then my cousin started raising them. Fascinating! Yes, if they are allowed to free roam, they will eat bugs and weeds and such. 🙂

      • I’ll bet they do, and if you are around them a lot you get to ‘know’ them. We never raised any ourselves, but they are so interesting to look at. 🙂

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