Flashback Friday – from May 22, 2018


Friday Flashback from May 22, 2018


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Fandango’s Friday Flashback — May 22


Random Post # 19 – Wacky Week


I didn’t know it would turn out to be a wacky week, during the first few days. No premonitions, no hints, nothing to give me a head’s up about what was to come. Everything started out fine, if I remember right.

  • Saturday I’d sent some things over to a relative’s house to be sold in her garage sale. I made $10, so that was good.
  • Can’t remember which day it was next, but we had a thunderstorm with hail falling.
  • My computer quit working on Thursday morning. Ugh!
  • Put computer in repair shop on Friday. It got fixed and back home late Friday afternoon.
  • Saturday came another, larger thunderstorm, with lots of hail falling. At our house it was probably marble sized, but some parts of town got sizes from ping-pong ball, to baseball sized hail. Lots of damage in town. We just had some leaves beaten off the tree, and the street was running like a river from all the rain.
  • Also, Saturday, our washing machine quit working. The repair people won’t be here until late afternoon on Tuesday!
  • Sunday was pretty mild.
  •  Monday, I had tummy troubles. Blah!

And that’s how it went here. Hope you had a better week. 🙂

Some of the hail stones in the back yard


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And that’s how it was two years ago.

A couple of days ago this year we had a big hailstorm, too.


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  1. sorry about the problems. no hail here, just tons of rain/flooding. and our little dog, toenails grown out and one so long catching on the rug (normally we take her in more often, but with the pandemic…you know…) so take her in and out she comes with a bandage up her leg with a plastic bag over it (can’t get it wet). said the nail was broken. instructions to bring her back in 3 days to remove bandage. back to vet, came back out with a new bandage–same thing. 3rd trip back to remove bandage–now another new one. said it was still oozing blood and inflamed. now i’m royally PO’d. back again today to see the doctor and have her explain to me why it’s still inflamed after a week, no healing. for a broken nail, $140.80 so far–supposed to go back on Monday to see if the inflammatory and anti-biotics worked for add’l office visit. unbelievable. my blood pressure is still pushing the ceiling. i left the last vet for incompetence. obviously, it’s time to move on.

    • Oh my how awful for your poor little puppy, and also for the stress it’s causing you. I know they hate going to the vet any time, but having to go back so many times, and for something that should have been a simple nail clipping, that’s just terrible. Hope her nail heals up good real soon.

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