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Time again for SYW questions from Melanie, and answers from me. Click the above link for details and to see other entries. 🙂


Q & A

What’s something you really resent paying for?   … I know we have to pay our bills like electric and water, and any credit card amounts, but I sure hate seeing so much of our money going out.

 What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen? … Unsettling? Like scary, or just a boring one? I really can’t come up with a name of any. I love scary movies of all kinds, and if there is a boring movie part I have no problem falling asleep. haha

Do you judge people?  … I don’t think I judge people at all.

Finish this sentence:  “Back in my day, we…”?  … Back in my day, we kids were free to run all around the neighborhood with our friends, as much as we liked, just as long as we were home by dark.


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  1. Thanks Barbara for Sharing Your World. It’s true that kids had more freedom ‘back in the day.’ I happen to think technology is to blame for the change. But the world isn’t so safe any longer either. I don’t know, if I’d had kids who had kids, if I’d be comfortable letting them run around as we used to when I was young. It’s not the dirt and alleged germs we’d get into either…it’s the fact (to me anyway) that people have gotten a lot nastier since I was a kid, and do things that weren’t even dreamt of in my day. That would scare me! It is startling to see so much month at the end of the money, isn’t it? O_o Yet overall we (most of us in America anyway) earn a LOT. Costs have risen to ridiculous heights though. I was thinking that this morning when I passed a car dealership in town. I looked at a certain truck type vehicle and thought “I bet that costs $75,000.” It’s a new truck, but really? Well I couldn’t afford a new vehicle then and I sure can’t now. The world is mad.


    • Thanks, Melanie!
      I agree. Back then the neighborhoods we ran in felt safe, and we knew almost everyone in our area. These days I wouldn’t want my kids or grandkids to run around unsupervised. Sad that it has come to this, with so much scary and mean things we hear about happening.
      It’s unbelievable how much things cost now. I don’t know how anyone can afford it. Why it got to be like this, and when I just don’t know. 🙂


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