Flower of the Day – Foxtail Grass


Flower of the Day – Foxtail Grass


This is a type of grass, but is a weed, too. They get everywhere, and some years are worse than others. They are a fairly tall plant, with a spikey brush top in light green to yellow.


For Cee’s Flower of the Day:

FOTD – May 13 – Peony


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  1. We were always on the lookout for these little buggers when we had Little Bit. She got one in her ear and she was so miserable. The vet got it out though.

    Have a fabulous day, Barbara. ♥

    • Thanks, Sandee! ❤
      Oh my – I can imagine how awful that was for Little Bit. Glad the vet was able to get it out.
      I know just walking through them, they get stuck on my pants legs & have to pick them out.
      Hope your day will be a a good one! We're expecting a bit of severe weather later on this afternoon.

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