Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – The Year We Were Born


Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – The Year We Were Born


Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 11: A love song from the year we were born & Prompt for Day 12

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ “A Music Festival” is back!

Bee, of The Bee Writes, has a fun month of prompts for February! It’s all about love & music. Sounds fun…thanks, Bee!

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Today’s prompt comes from our host, Bee. We are to find a song that was popular in the year we were born. Thanks, Bee!

While I was looking for one, I found mostly ones I didn’t really like much. They were so slow, and kind of too mushy for my taste. Oh well, I did find this one that is pretty peppy, and I had heard of the singer before, and the song.

The song seems to be about a girl who loves dancing to the music with her love interest. For some reason the music sound like someone is tap dancing! 🙂


According to the article I was reading, this song made it up to # 4 on the top 100 for the year 1950. It is also known as, “Put Another Nickle In (the Nickleodeon).

A nickelodeon is an old fashioned coin-operated machine that plays music. You can also call a nickelodeon a “jukebox.”

4 Teresa Brewer (Put Another Nickel In) Music! Music! Music!

“Music, Music, Music”, by Teresa Brewer (with the Dixieland All Stars), was released in 1950. It was written by Stephen Weiss, and Bernie Baum, and is on the London Records label.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • haha! That is a funny ad. I remember the Sinclair dino signs, but not the little tune. I didn’t know gas had nickle in it either. Fun that they used the tune to this old song, too. Thanks for sharing it, John. 🙂

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