RDP – Exploding Enchiladas


RDP – Exploding Enchiladas 



This is a true story, and I wrote about it way back in 2014.

I like to call it –


“Oh, my God! The enchiladas exploded!” we screamed, and dodged, as hot glass and enchiladas went flying off in all directions.

Talk about a ‘hot mess’, we had one.

Grabbing the cats out of the way, so they wouldn’t step in or eat glass, we put them in a bedroom.

Looking at the huge mess in the kitchen, I was thinking all that work of planning, cooking, and decorating is now ruined. But what could we do? Shaking our heads, and laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation, we began the clean up.

It was me, my daughter, and her fiancee, trying to wipe up hot glass and enchiladas, without burning or cutting our hands. The deconstructed enchiladas were everywhere…on the stove, the cabinet, and the floor. There may have even been some on the ceiling, and I saw shards of glass in the side dishes of beans and rice.

It looked impossible to get it all wiped up. We must have used a whole roll of paper towels.

It had started out as a fun evening. My daughter had brought her fiancee over for a meal, for the first time. I’d gotten industrious…figured enchiladas would be just the thing, since we make them all the time, and they turn out great. I even decorated a bit, hanging up some sombreros, and putting a tiny pinata on the table. I’d used a colorful horse blanket for a tablecloth.

Now, look at what a wonderful first impression my future son-in-law has had of me and my cooking. He was a good sport about it, though. As we finished cleaning, we all wondered what we were going to eat, since the explosion had effectively ended my plans.

We looked at each other…”Pizza!” we decided. My now son-in-law was the hero that night. He went and picked us up a wonderful pizza, and even paid for it. We sat there at the table with the Mexican decorations, and enjoyed our meal, as we talked about the crazy thing that had happened.

The night of the exploding enchiladas is now just a funny family story we like to tell.

Lesson learned…don’t set a glass dish on top of a hot stove burner, even if the glass dish is hot, right from the oven!


First posted on May 20, 2014, under Mexican Food Misadventures (2nd true story)


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    • heh heh ! It sure would be a good example of Murphy’s Law. I do have a few other food disaster stories.
      I’ve got a small start on the CoW already, maybe I can work one in there, too. 🙂

  1. That was an excellent lesson, and thank you for sharing the sweet story of it 🙂 It will always be memorable, the night you exploded food for your son-in-law!
    Also never add cold water to your glass roast pan while it’s in the oven — over at my friend True’s, they had exploding Sunday dinner, but it mostly exploded in the oven and no one was hurt.

    • Thanks, Joey!
      It was pretty shocking to have such a big explosion like that. Haven’t done it again, that’s for sure. We just laugh about it now. Another thing to remember is not to pour hot brewed tea into a cold glass pitcher. Yeah, that exploded too.
      Glad your friend’s explosion was contained in the oven and no one was hurt. 🙂

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