Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – Weather – Sunshine of Your Love


Love Is In Da Blog 2020 – Weather – Sunshine of Your Love


Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 6: A love song for, about or with weather in it & Prompt for Day 7

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 ~ “A Music Festival” is back!

Bee, of The Bee Writes, has a fun month of prompts for February! It’s all about love & music. Sounds fun…thanks, Bee!

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This prompt is one I suggested, to have some kind of weather in a song. I picked sunshine as the weather. ☀️


I’ve always liked the songs by Cream, and this is a favorite. In this live performance, they have an amazing drummer – Steve Jordan.


“Sunshine of Your Love”, by Eric Clapton and Cream. The song was released in 1967. It was written by Jack Bruce & Eric Clapton, and is on the Reaction/Polydor label.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Oh, that is a brilliant choice. I really love that song. Never listened much to Cream but had a time when I listened to Eric Clapton a lot. He did an acoustic session on MTV and I got the CD for a birthday.🙋‍♀️🐝

    • Thanks so much, Bee! They had some really great songs, and we have a CD by them, maybe greatest hits one. Anyway, we listen to it a lot. Eric Clapton – yes, always good, and sometimes acoustic is just right, and really showcases a song. 🙂

  2. Jack Bruce came up with the riff on his upright double bass when Pete Brown looked out the window despairingly for inspiration and wrote down, “It’s getting near dawn”, and that is how ‘Sunshine of Your Love’ was born.

    • Thanks, Jim!
      I like this information of the first line of the lyrics, and how it came about. 🙂
      It took awhile for me to find out the name of the drummer. I knew it wasn’t Ginger Baker. 🙂

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