Just Jot It January # 24 – Change


Just Jot It January # 24 – Change

Daily Prompt – JusJoJan the 24th, 2020


Today’s prompt comes to us compliments of Wendy. Thanks, Wendy!

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 24th, 2020, is “change.” Use the word “change” any way you’d like. Enjoy!


The first thing I think of for the prompt word ‘change’ is money – as in coins.

Seems like we always have some loose change around here. I can usually find a few coins in the bottom of my purse. Sometimes I find one or two nickles or dimes in the washing machine – because somebody didn’t empty their pockets before their clothes got washed.

I have a thing about finding loose change, either pennies, or dimes, or quarters out in a parking lot. I always pick them up, too.

I also have several little change purses. I keep a lot of coins in them, because when I go to yard sales it is good to have some change to pay for small items I might want. Sometimes though I put a change purse somewhere , then forget I put it there until some other day, then I find it again — yay! lots more change!

Sometimes we’ve saved up lots of change coins to later cash in for dollars, or to save up for a fun meal at a restaurant. It’s gotten up to around $200 before.

I like change – how about you? 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Cath!
      It’s fun to finally count how much money is in the jar after saving the coins for a long time, and it’s usually more than you think you have. Good to have some fun with it. 🙂

  1. I think I’d miss change if it were to go away. Charles Kuralt used to hoard quarters because he said, when you’re on the road, everything costs a quarter. With all the traveling he did, I figure he knew what he was talking about.

    In our van. there’s a little drawer with space for a couple of cups and slots for pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. Very handy to have when you’re going through a drive-thru. Of course, a lot of drive-thru people have trouble when the bill is $5.78 and you give them $20.03…

    • Thanks, John!
      It would be strange to not have cash money and coins. That’s interesting about Charles Kuralt and the quarters. Reminds me of those state quarters everyone was collecting for awhile. I probably have at least one of each still saved around here somewhere. I also remember getting those paper coin wrappers and filling them up. That was fun, too.
      Nice to have a little compartment for change in your car. We have a little cup like thing on our door that we sometimes put change.
      I do believe a lot of cashiers can’t count very good when presented with money. The registers do it all for them. 🙂

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