Color Your World – Forest Green & Fuchsia


Color Your World – Forest Green & Fuchsia

Color your World: Forest Green and Fuschia


Today’s CYW has the color Forest & Fuchsia  as the topic. Thanks, Jennifer (of Tourmaline) for hosting this fun colorful challenge.


Photos show:

  • Forest Green Crayola Crayon
  • Forest Green Facts – Hue Family is Green, Introduced in 1967
  • Forest Green color sample circle
  • Doll wearing Forest Green Texaco Service Station uniform
  • My drawing of Forest Green colored words
  • Forest green leaves in a Happy New Year decoration (words & streamers in silver)


img_1223 img_1237 forest-green IMG_2452

Photos show:

  • Fuchsia color sample circle
  • Fuchsia Crayola Crayon
  • Large cactus with round Fuchsia seed pods
  • Fuchsia plastic & clear battery lantern
  • Mermaid doll with Fuchsia tail & yellow star on front below face
  • My drawing of the word Fuchsia in black with color stipes
  • Fuchsia color facts – Hue Family is Purple





Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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