Bits & Pieces – Stream of Consciousness Saturday & Just Jot It January # 18


Bits & Pieces – Stream of Consciousness Saturday & Just Jot It January # 18


The Friday Reminder for #SoCS & #JusJoJan 2020 Daily Prompt – Jan. 18th


Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “movie title.” Take the title of the last movie you watched (just the title, not the premise of the movie), and base your post on that title. Have fun!


Join in the fun – SOCS & Just Jot It January is brought to you by Linda G. Hill, and the prompts are always interesting. See more entries, and the details of how to join in at the above link. 🙂


Bits and pieces – That’s all I get.

We’re supposed to use the title of the last movie we watched for our prompt today. However, we don’t watch movies on TV very much, and don’t go to the theater to see them, either.

What I do get, is … bits and pieces of movies, as the mister is flipping channels on the remote control. It never stays on one thing or another for more than a minute or two, possibly a little longer, but not long enough to see a whole movie. I don’t care, though, because I’m not really interested in watching anyway, as I’m happier just sitting here reading & writing my blogs.

This photo is from one of my scrap books. I have many of them, and they all consist of bits and pieces of things I’ve saved to put on the pages. It’s fun to do. 🙂



“Bits & Pieces”, by The Dave Clark Five.



That’s my post for today – bits and pieces of this and that.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2020 BS

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    • Thanks, Janet!
      I think crafting or reading is much better than any TV show, but occasionally I find something to watch. We watched more movies from our VHS tapes than any other time. Now we don’t even have anything to play them on. 🙂

  1. Good for you! I have to watch out for TV addiction that runs in my family. I do love reading. It’s more personal. One of my goals is to read more books. Making progress.

    • Thanks, JoAnna!
      Addicted to TV watching – sounds as bad as the computer games. I do have my favorites, but still, I always have a book I’m reading at the same time. Much more interesting. Nice to have reading goals! 🙂

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