Fibbing Friday – Dog Daze


Fibbing Friday – Dog Daze


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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In honor of Di’s puppy dog, Maggie, who is celebrating her 15th birthday today, we have questions about dogs!

Happy Birthday, Maggie! 🙂


1. What’s the difference between a hair and a whisker?

Hair belongs on your head, and whiskers don’t belong anywhere.

2. How many spots were there in 101 Dalmations?

Probably too many to count, as none of the dogs were house broken.

3. What is the Flying Dog?

The Flying Dog is the name of a fast food joint that sells hot dogs. It’s a cousin to the Flying Burrito.

4. Why do we say ‘sick as a dog?’

Because it is a jump rope rhyme/chant. ‘Hot dog on a stick – makes you sick – how many hot dogs did you eat?’

5. What is meant by ‘going to the dogs’?

It means to get all dressed up for a fancy night out, similar to ‘putting on the dog’.

6. Who or what is ‘Goofy?’

Goofy is … what I become right before and after anesthesia.

7. Where is the Dog Star?

The Dog Star is on Hollywood sidewalk of stars – it’s for all the dog actors.

8. Where will you find puppies on a roll?

Puppies go rolling around in a beautiful green meadow. They chase butterflies & have a grand old time.

9. What are hush puppies?

Hush puppies are dogs that have been muzzled, to stop their barking or biting.

10. What is the hair of the dog?

Hair of the dog is what you find in the grooming brush.


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  1. Great answers Barbara……….. I love 1 and 7!
    Thank you for your best wishes to Maggie, she;s had some extra spoiling today and our postman gave her a special chew rather than a biscuit. She’s snoozing contentedly beside me now.

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