Scenes of Favorite Days – # 3 –


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I don’t know why this is a favorite day, but the whole thing was unusual and I just enjoyed it, I guess.

Another super windy day with sand blowing. Middle of the afternoon – power is out – furnace is out – it’s winter time again.

I’d been sewing Barbie clothes for the girl’s dolls, and also I had been watching my favorite soap opera. It was my mom’s favorite, too, and when it ended I called her to talk about it, as it was a very suspenseful episode. Then the power went out.

I was sitting on top of the kitchen table, the house was getting cold, and I didn’t know how to re-light the furnace (it was a gas pilot light and the wind had blown it out), but it was okay – we didn’t blow up.

One other thing though, was I’d been reading some kind of spooky stories about ghosts and such. It said the spirits loved the windy dark days, too, as the static electricity in the air was conductive to their appearing. I still always think of this on these kinds of days.


~note~ I have no pictures of any of this today – no sand, no Barbie doll, no furnace, no table, no soap opera 🙂 – little pictures (doll, TV, & ghost) are from Free Clip Art~


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. What fun to have someone to chit-chat with about a soap opera! lol I had one I used to watch but no one else I knew watched it. It’s like gossiping about people without the guilt, because they’re not actual people. 😀

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