Scenes of Favorite Days # 1


Sand stormy day (brown sky, part of a house and fence)

Scenes of Favorite Days # 1


Do you have memories of favorite kinds of days? Mine usually involve some type of weather, for some reason.

Here’s the first one:


Chilly, super windy day with the sand blowing, turning the sky brown. Usually happens in winter time or early spring time.

I have a pile of new books from the library around me on the bed. I’m covered up with a snuggly home-made quilt.

I have a Charms candy sucker – usually lemon-lime flavor

The bedroom window is open a crack, because I feel claustrophobic if the room is totally enclosed.

The wind is knocking things around outside, and as it whooshes through the open window it makes a mournful whistling sound.

I have my old fashioned, gold-toned goose neck lamp up on the bed’s headboard. It’s turned on, as it is a gloomy kind of day.

Everyone else in the house is quiet, also probably reading.

My choice of book this day is a science fiction novel (I can’t remember the name of it, but it was engrossing)

I am maybe in my early teens.

I still have that lamp as you can see from this photo.


Thankss for visiting! Peace ☮️

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