Share Your World – Holiday Q & A


Share Your World – Holiday Q & A


It’s time again for SYW questions from Melanie, and answers from me!

Join in, and also see other entries by clicking the above link. It’s fun! 🙂


The questions:

Do dogs ‘talk’ (communicate) with their own species?

Sure they do. I know when listening to the dogs in the neighborhood, one will start ‘barking/saying’ something, and others will chime in with their own thoughts about what’s happening. They communicate with us, too. Be still and quiet, open your mind to whatever message you get when you are with your dog (or cat). It’s strange, but true.

Have you ever had to work on Christmas Day?

No, I never had to work on Christmas Day, except here at home.

If someone gifts you something that you immediately loathe, do you pretend to really like it anyway or are you brutally honest about your opinion?

I thank the person for the gift. Why would you want to hurt someone’s feelings by disparaging a gift given with good intentions.

Which popular drink, found during the Christmas season most often, is called “milk punch?”

I’d say it is eggnog because it’s made with milk. I’ve read some others that say there is a difference, though.

How many ghosts show up during “A Christmas Carol?” 

I always thought there were three – past/present/future, but some say there were four. I never read that book, but I might have seen the movie long ago.

Are you all about the holly and jolly or more about remembering the alleged ‘true’ meaning of Christmas?    

I’d say I’m a little of both. I do like the fun and the decorations and gifts, but also remember why we are celebrating according to some religious traditions.

Please share a memory or thought about the holiday season if you’d like, whatever kind of celebration you may observe. 

Since I’ve already wrote quite a few Christmas Memory posts, which you can find elsewhere on here, and since it is past Christmas, I hope your holiday season was and is a good one.

Happy New Year! 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. A Christmas Carol is one of those stories that most people know about, but few have ever read. I always loved the Disney version… Goofy plays Jacob Marley’s ghost (Who is actually the first ghost, but who nobody ever thinks about when that question is asked)…

  2. Thanks Barbara for Sharing Your World! I thought, like you, that ‘milk punch’ was eggnog (the trivia question site said that was the proper answer). But someone else who fact checks rigorously found that it’s actually ‘egg-less’ eggnog. With much alcohol… Ummm. Not my cup of cheer certainly. o_O I hope your New Year celebrations are wonderful! 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Melanie! Fun questions! Well, that ‘milk punch’ drink doesn’t sound good to me at all, but the sweet eggnog you get in the store I do like.
      Wishing you and the puppies a Happy New Year! 🙂

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