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Color your World: Desert Sand



Today’s CYW has the color Eggplant as the topic. Thanks, Jennifer (of Tourmaline) for hosting this fun colorful challenge.


These photos show the deep purple color of Eggplant. For some reason I never have taken a photo of an actual eggplant!

  • My drawing of an eggplant (the word in the middle)
  • Eggplant Crayola Crayon
  • Eggplant Color Sample
  • Eggplant Facts = Hue Family is Purple, Year introduced was 1998
  • Eggplant colored orchid flower
  • My bracelet of eggplant colored beads
  • An Eggplant colored mesh bag containing Texas Mesquite wood to use when Bar-B-Q ing




Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Eggplant color BBQ charcoals? Fun! I experimented this year and didn’t grow my usual pear shape eggplants. I tried the Japanese variety–shaped like a cucumber. Have you tried them? I deep fried little medallions–not bad–but not sure I’ll get the same variety again.

    • Thanks! Oh, well the BBQ pieces of mesquite wood aren’t that color, just the mesh bag. That’s pretty interesting about the different kinds of eggplant. I had no idea, except for the regular kind. So cool that you grow them yourself. I may have to give them another try. 🙂

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