A Glow in the Night


A Glow in the Night


I was writing this poem for a poetry challenge, but it turned out too long for that one. I still wanted to post it though, because it expresses my hope, love, and Peace for all.


A Glow in the Night

A glow – a glow

Of Angel wings

Of children’s eyes

For all bright things

A glow about this holy night

A time for silence and delight

I wish you Peace

I wish you Joy

I wish for Love

All girls and boys

I wish you tenderness and toys

A glow in our hearts

Which never departs

For memories bright

May you always hold tight

This glow – a glow

A glow in the night




~photo of night sky and brilliant golden star from Pixabay~


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

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