Christmas Memory # 14 – MMMBop & Snow


Christmas Memory # 14 – MMMBop & Snow Click to view

For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


This may be weird, but even on Christmas morning we sometimes listened to music, but not Christmas music. It was usually rock songs, of whatever music album, cassette, or CD that one of us had gotten as a present that year.

On this day, my daughter had gotten the Hanson CD with the song MMMBop as one of the songs. We all like this song, so we put it on while we were opening presents. We put it on repeat, so it played over and over while we were rocking out and singing along. We call this our MMMBop Christmas because of that.

It was pretty cool too, that just as we started with all this, it started snowing heavily. Now that in itself was wonderful and exciting. The snow kept coming all morning with huge saucer shaped flakes, filling up the yards and streets. By the time we had to drive over to my Dad’s house for lunch and the family get together, we could barely see the roads, but we made it.

Definitely not a typical kind of Christmas day, but very memorable.



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