Christmas Memory # 11 – Germany


Christmas Memory # 11 – Germany Click to view

For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


We were in Germany in 1972 at Christmas time. I have lots of good memories about this one, as it was the first time I celebrated Christmas in another country.

We lived in the city of Furth/Nuremberg in an apartment building. Most of the tenants were with the American military and their families. One of our good neighbors was such, and his wife was German. They had a little girl, too.

We got together with them all the time, for food and card games, and I’d baby sit the little girl sometimes, too. They invited us to their Christmas dinner that year, and had some traditions that for us was different and very enjoyable.

Below, is what I wrote about it in a past post.


A photo of the sugar cone melting over a copper pot.


Burnt Punch (German)

The Burnt Punch photo was taken when we lived in Germany. Our neighbors invited us over for a Christmas meal and had this, also. I’d forgotten what it was called, so looked under ‘burning sugar cone’ and this is what it said about it. It’s a German tradition, called Feverzaugenbowle (burnt punch). It contains wine, fruits and spices. The solid sugar cone is soaked in rum, then set afire, and it melts/drips into the metal punch bowl. 🙂 Another traditional German drink we were introduced to was the Rumtopf. This is a crock jar, that fruits are added to, layered, with rum. We had a lovely meal, that included actual reindeer meat, and boiled chestnuts. They lit the candles on their  Christmas tree, and we listened to classical music. I imagine we also played some card games, too, as that is what we did quite frequently. 🙂


And here’s a photo of our presents and a few evergreen branches I put up. Also a photo of our friend lighting the Christmas candles on the tree.


Another fun thing we did this year was going to the Christmas Market there in the town. It was full of Christmas cheer and decorations. I bought a couple of ornaments to keep, and still have them.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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