FOWC – Address


FOWC – Address

FOWC with Fandango — Address


Today, Fandango’s One Word Challenge prompt is ‘address’.


These are a couple of my address books (green corrugated with a bear on the front – first page of the book & showing alphabet tabs – yellow book with pink flowers on front)


We’ve moved in the past so many times that we’ve had lots of addresses to our houses. I can’t even remember them all. Except, I do still have some old address books in which I wrote down our own address, plus lots of others I needed to remember. It’s kind of fun looking back at them, and thinking about the houses we lived in, and what city or country we were living in at the time.

One fun thing I do once in awhile is look up our address on that Google street map thing. That’s interesting to see ours, and others we know, and their house and neighborhood.

Sometimes I’ll put in our address, and choose a city I’ve never been to. There are, believe it or not, people living at our same address in far off places. I can see houses and streets, and the address is sometimes a store or building site. It’s fun, but sort of creepy too, that with the technology available that we can even do this. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘the spy in the sky’. I guess it’s from some up in space satellite taking pictures all the time.

I’ve even seen the people with the company taking the street view photos right here on our street across from our house. They have their truck well marked, and are out there with their cameras taking photos in all directions.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Sometimes I’ll “visit” houses I lived in as a child on Google Maps. It’s interesting how the neighborhoods have changed over the years. Also strange is how, in some places, I can zoom down the virtual streets and name all the neighbors who lived on the street when I did. ❤

    • Oh, that sounds fun to do, too. I only lived in one house growing up, but I could look at the other houses we had later on to see what they look like now. Thanks for that suggestion, Vanessa! 🙂

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