Christmas Memory # 5 – Odd Gifts


Christmas Memory # 5 – Odd Gifts Click to view



For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


Have you ever gotten a sort of strange gift from someone for your Christmas present? I’ve had a few like that.

Once, when I was a kid, I was expecting some kind of toy I guess, but what I got was a set of suitcases. They were a set of three – large, medium, and a smaller one for maybe make-up things. They were made of hard plastic (?) material, and blue.

If I’d been older, and did a lot of traveling I might have appreciated them then, but it would be a long time until I ever traveled anywhere. I did use them though, at that much later time.


I don’t know if women still use portable hair dryers on their curler rolled hair or not, but I did many years ago. This was actually a pretty good gift at the time, but still was odd. It was a large egg-shaped portable hair dryer that had a fold out neck with a hood you sit under. It was supposed to be like being at the beauty salon using their hair dryers.


Now, these were pretty odd, I think. I got electric saws. Yes, the kind you cut wood with. I’d at some point mentioned I liked the big plywood cut out shapes for Christmas that people put out in the yard for decoration. It would be fun to make some and paint them. That’s all. So what did I get? A hand held kind of jig-saw that I had no idea how to use. We didn’t have any wood to cut, either.

Then the next year, I got another one. Only this one was a big jig-saw that you had to bolt onto a work table. Still didn’t know how to use one, or even wanted to by then. We did check prices on plywood – pretty expensive, so didn’t get any. The mister tried using the saw on some small wood pieces, and that didn’t work very well. So, here we are with two saws nobody uses. Here’s the one on the work table – it’s still there after many years.


Anyway, I’m sure there have been other odd gifts I’ve gotten over the years. How about you?


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Other Brother gave us some Shot glasses and a wine rack (we’re tee total), another year a pair of glasses with small lights on the arms, and another year a paint by numbers kit. We did it, framed it, and gave him back the following year.


    • Interesting you would receive these gifts from him. Makes you wonder. Now, I used to love those paint by number pictures. That was a clever idea to paint the one you got as a gift and give it back to him. 🙂


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