Christmas Memory # 4 – Neighbor Gifts


Christmas Memory # 4 – Neighbor Gifts Click to view




For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


We’ve lived in this house and neighborhood for about 25 years now, and it’s a good place. The neighbors are nice and friendly, and everyone watches out for the others, and helps out when needed.

For a long time it was the same, but then some moved away, and some passed away, but there sure was some good memories from Christmas time.

Everyone would make treats to give to everybody else, and deliver them in the days right before the holiday. There was nothing real elaborate – just a batch of home made cookies or candy, a cheese ball and crackers, cheese dip and chips – things like that.

Most times I sent over decorated cut out cookies with a Christmas theme, and one time a decorated bundt cake. Once I embroidered dish towels to add with the cookies, or added an ornament for their tree. Another neighbor gave us a basket with Christmas mugs and hot chocolate mix.

It was nice to walk down the sidewalk, looking at the lights, and delivering our little presents. It really put everyone in the Christmas spirit.


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    • Thanks, John!
      It is nice, and that we actually do know all our neighbors. We’ve all helped out with each other with all kinds of things – yard work, car mechanics, cooking, and watching out for their houses when they are out of town. Even feeding and caring for pets, bar be ques and get togethers, too. Our front yard tree has even helped out – when a kid wanted a pinata and they didn’t have a tree to hang it from they used ours. 🙂

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