Christmas Memory # 3 – No Fun


Christmas Memory # 3 – No FunClick to view




For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.


Usually on Christmas day around here it is a nice day. We do have some years that it is cool to cold, and very seldom do we have snow.

So, after we kids would unwrap all the presents, we could go outside to play with our new toys.

Except one year I didn’t get to go out to play. It seems I’d come down with chicken pox. Yes, on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to me?

Nope, all I could do was stand at the big picture window in the living room and watch my sister and cousins and friends out in the yard playing. Without me … 😦


Another memory that wasn’t quite as bad as Chicken Pox, was my disappointment at getting a less than wanted gift. To say I was a brat about it would be in order.

It was the first year that the Barbie Doll was created and available to buy (1959). I wanted one, and so did my cousin. Well, when we opened our gifts, she got the Barbie, and I got … an imitation one. It was a similar doll, called Babette. It wasn’t a Barbie, and you could sure tell. Of course my cousin was bragging about her ‘real’ one all day.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I’m sorry about the Chicken Pox! 😦

    When I was not quite 3, I wanted a Barbie so bad that I stole my cousin’s when we were visiting. I remember crying when I had to give it back. I guess Barbie brought out the brat in us, lol!

  2. Out of curiosity, did your sister already have chicken pox at the time? My oldest sister caught it one Spring when she was 6 (I was 8), and no sooner did she clear up than me and my other three sisters all wound up with it (Including my poor baby sister who was only about 7 months old at the time!). It usually hits the kids in a family all at once because it’s so contagious…

    • You know, I have no idea if my sister had them before me or after I’d got the Chicken pox. I’m sure it was passed around, too, as this was I’m thinking before there were vaccinations for those back then. I know my girls caught them from the neighbor kids. 🙂

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