Christmas Memory # 2 – Chicken Wire Fence


Christmas Memory # 2 – Chicken Wire Fence Click to view



For the days up until Christmas I’ll be sharing some short memories of Christmases past that I remember.



Some of you may have seen this one before, as I posted it in 2016, but it’s still a funny story.

It’s another one about those dogs of ours tearing into the presents under the tree. They even ate a golf ball shaped present of chocolate, along with other things.

We fixed the fence going from the edge of the couch to the entertainment shelves (not shown). At any rate, it worked keeping the dogs out. 🙂

You can click photo to enlarge:


This photo is of our Christmas tree from many years ago. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Now, look close. See that red ribbon going horizontal in front of the tree? That is the top of a fence…a fence made of chicken wire. Yep, we had to fence in our tree that year. We had some dogs…they liked to get into all the presents under the tree. They chewed up a lot of them. That’s why I made a fence to keep them out. We had the chicken wire on hand, because we used it for around our vegetable garden the past summer, so that was good.

The chicken wire fence wasn’t all bad. I hung some ornaments from it, and it made for some fun conversations. I know we will always remember this Christmas. 🙂


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  1. We gave up putting presents under our trees years ago with the kitties. I remember one kitty we had years ago, Bailey, she used to steal all the bows off presents, and we never did find them.

    • I can imagine, because we had to do the same with our cats getting into it all. We had a ribbon chewer, a tree branch eater, and a wire biter. All together it was a mess. haha. 🙂

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