Color Your World – Cotton Candy & Dandelion


Color Your World – Cotton Candy & Dandelion

cotton candy color your world photo challenge badge
dandelion color your world photo challenge badge

Color your World: Cotton Candy & Dandelion


This week for CYW we are looking at things with the color of Cotton Candy (pink), and Dandelion (yellow)

Sad to say, the Crayola Crayon known as Dandelion was retired after 27 years in the crayola box, in 2017. It was first introduced in 1990.

I’m glad I still have a box of them that does include the Dandelion crayon.


The photos show:

  • Cotton Candy Crayola Crayon
  • A package of actual sweet cotton candy at the store (clear plastic cup with a flamingo & lettering)
  • Streaks of vivid pink streaks of clouds against a very blue sky
  • A vase of pink Hyancith flowers
  • Cotton Candy facts – hue family is red – introduced in 1998
  • Pink Cotton Candy color round
  • My art of the word Cotton Candy in pink, outlined in black
  • A really old Christmas card with a pink ornament




The yellow Dandelion color photos show:

  • Dandelion Crayola Crayon
  • A large yellow bumper post by the bank here, and it has two red horizontal stripes
  • A small bright yellow box that Honeysuckle perfume came in (and a beehive shaped bottle)
  • Real Dandelion yellow flowers from our yard
  • Dandelion color square


img_4330 image 1024x768-dandelion-solid-color-background

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