Paper Towel Problems


Paper Towel Problems Click to view


This is another of those letters to a company that I of course never sent. Just for fun, I wrote my thoughts about paper towels. I first posted this in 2015, but it’s fun to look back.

We pretty much all use them these days, but am I the only one to have … Paper Towel Problems?


Dear Paper Towel Companies,

What is up with those sections of your product that won’t tear off? When I want one single sheet of paper towel, I try to tear it off at the perforation, but it never works right. I’ve tried so many times, Sometimes, I pull off half the roll, and it goes bouncing off the cabinet, into the floor, unrolling a long streamer, as it goes merrily on it’s way. Other times, I think I have gotten it just right, but no…at the last second, a corner rips off all jagged looking. That just won’t do, you know?

I’m no perfectionist, lord knows, but why do these things happen, every time? After the one roll goes off on the floor, well, they can’t be used anywhere near the food in the kitchen. They are ok for mopping up spills, which is ok, but really, I have a regular mop for that. The ones with the corners torn off, are just frustrating, when I wanted a nice even square. I have to fold it over so I won’t see the damage…it really bugs me.

I’ve also noticed that on your packaging, there are no instructions on how to tear the sheets off, in a non-destructive way. I know…it’s just paper to be thrown away, after all, but for those few minutes I’m using them, I want them to be whole and clean. Most products in the world have some kind of use instructions on the package, even if it is as they say…a no brainer. I know…I’ve read them on everything.

There you are, telling us how awesome your paper towels are, how strong and durable, and how useful for so many wipe-up jobs. There is also, colorful graphics on the package, along with how many plies it has, how many sheets, how many square feet there are per roll, and a warning about the plastic wrapping suffocating someone. Couldn’t you put a few little words on there, letting us know how best to tear a sheet off the roll? Hey, you could even print it on the actual paper…I mean, you print all those pretty pictures all over the front of them. I think this is a good idea.

Well, maybe there are no rules about how to use your paper towels. Could it be that you the producer, have left it up to us, the consumer, to be smart enough to know how, on our own? Thank you for that, at least. We can manage to tear a sheet off, one way or another, however sloppy it looks. I’d just prefer a small hint of the correct way to do this.

So, Paper Towel Companies, do you think any of my suggestions will be a future possibility?

Thanking you in advance, and looking forward to your new designs!


Miss Messy


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18 responses »

    • Thanks, Vanessa!
      I don’t know why the corner deal bugs me so much, but it does. I’m still going to use the paper towel, but I’m not happy about that corner! haha 🙂

  1. LOL – I live that problem daily! I just found a paper towel holder that helped though. I was pleasantly surprised that it actually worked. I like how you’re reusing old posts – that’s a great idea. Happy Thanksgiving week to you – I hope you have a great time!!

    • Thanks, Shelley!
      That’s pretty neat that they make a paper towel holder that maybe helps with this. We don’t have any kind of holder here, so just grab the whole roll when we need one.
      Some days, I just don’t know anything new to blog about, so going back to some old posts that were in earlier days that hardly anyone saw, well, why not. We always have new readers that might enjoy them.
      Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

      • You’re welcome. Yes, it’s called Tap & Tear by Prodyne. I like it because it can be moved around the kitchen as needed too.
        I’m with you, and have done the same thing a few times this fall. You’re right – the traffic to our blogs is in flux.
        Happy Holidays to you – keep smiling and laughing and having fun! xx

      • Oh, that is a neat towel holder – I looked it up – that would solve a lot of the problems for sure.
        I think with the holidays coming fast & people have so much to be doing, there’s not as much time to blog or read.
        Our days here are most always the same, though, so I have plenty of time. haha! 🙂

    • Thanks, Brian!
      I figure if I have this problem with the paper towels, then others might have the same problem. And why it even needs to be a problem, I don’t know. There needs to be a better way. Oh, I guess we could get those individual brown towels like you see sometimes in business places. I wanted to do that, but we never did. 🙂

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