Going to Granny’s (pt. 6)


Going to Granny’s (pt. 6)


Another few remembrances of when I’d go stay at my Granny’s house in the summer time, when I was a kid.


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Let’s see … just a few more today and that will be all of these. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my remembrances. 🙂


Granny had a little puppy named Peppy! It was a small, part poodle that was white and fluffy. He was a fun little dog, and was around for many years. She’d board him at the vet’s place when she’d go out of town. After her passing, Peppy came to live at my mom & dad’s house for a few more years.


Lot’s of times my Mom, my sister and I would drop by Granny’s house just to visit. Usually it was after we’d had a doctor’s appointment, because the hospital wasn’t far from her house, so we’d make what my Mom called ‘pop calls’. They were un-announced visits, so I don’t know how much my Granny liked us just coming over. But, I always liked going there randomly. She’d always fix lunch for us, and it was all made from scratch – not just a sandwich.

She’d make macaroni and tomatoes, cornbread, biscuits, boiled potatoes with butter & parsley, fresh green beans, and for dessert a yummy cherry cobbler. Some of the best food I ever ate.


She had a large, ceramic cookie jar shaped like an owl, that was wearing a hat, and glasses. Good cookies in there!


Later, when I was a bit older, I’d bring some ironing over there that I had to get done. You see, to earn spending money I ironed clothes for other people. I did this from when I was before a teen, until actually a few years ago, when I stopped. I love ironing, though. Anyway, I’d do the ironing over there that week.


Maybe the last time I stayed for my week’s vacation at Granny’s house was when I was 18. When my parent’s came to pick me up we hurried home to see the first moon walk, which was July 20,1969, on our black & white TV. That was exciting to see that.


It wasn’t long after that, that I got married. We still went over to Granny’s house quite often, and she’d come to my parent’s house for Sunday lunches. Then a little later, she and my Grand-dad sold their house and moved to Oklahoma City to live with my aunt for a few years. Later still after my grand-dad passed on, she came to live at my parent’s house for a few more years.


I’m glad I could remember so many good times at my Granny’s house. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Those are some wonderful memories to cherish!

    I remember the moon landing. Also on a b/w TV. I was young enough that I thought if I ran outside, I could see the rocket heading toward the moon, lol.

    • Thanks so much! We had the B & W TV for years, and it was such a big deal when we finally got a color one. I’m glad we got to see the moon landing back then, but some people believe it didn’t really happen, that it was staged in a studio. That’s a fun idea, that you wanted to see the rocket ship heading for the moon. Would have been so cool! 🙂

      • Count me with those who believe it happened. The way we were competing with Russia back then, if they could have proven we faked it, they’d have done so with a great deal of laughter.

      • oooh that’s right! I’d forgotten about the competing with Russia. Didn’t they call it the space race? I think it’s neat that it happened, but really, what good has it done, just the bragging rights – yay we did it? 🙂

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