Fibbing Friday – Wrong Way


Fibbing Friday – Wrong Way

These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

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1. Calendar Girls featured what organisation?


Calendar Girls was a talent act performed by the girls of Rydell High School in the movie, “Grease 2”. They sang a song about the seasons on the calendar.


2. What is a limpet?


A limpet is a biscuit or cookie or bread dipped in a liquid sauce – it goes limp and soggy.

3. Who is famous for saying ‘I didn’t do it?’


“I didn’t do it”, was said by Urkel on that TV show, “Family Matters”. Oh, wait, maybe he said, “Did I do that?” 🙂

4. What does S W A T stand for?


S W A T stands for ‘South West Armadillo Tacos’

5. What’s kept in The Tower of London?


The most powerful radio station in the world is located in the Tower of London. It’s broadcasts can be heard around the world.

6. What does running on the spot achieve?


If you are running on the spot, you are achieving nothing. You are just jogging in the same place getting nowhere.

7. What is a busby?


A busby is a toddler’s ride on toy.

8. What is cinder toffee?


Cinder toffee is how someone orders coffee when they are so cold, the words come out backward.

9. Who is Old Father Time?


When Father gets old, he tends to look at his watch more and more, and announcing the time it is every hour.

10. Who shot JR?


Eddie, the Jack Russell terrier dog from the TV show Frazier. He didn’t like having anyone else with the initials J R.


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