Going to Granny’s (pt. 3)


Going to Granny’s (pt. 3)


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These are just a few more memories of the times I spent at my Granny’s house in the summer time, when I was a kid.


I mentioned earlier that my Granny and I would walk across the railroad tracks to get to the shopping center. We’d head for the dime store, which was called TG&Y, and it was a variety type store with all kinds of items in there.

At the time, they even had a very small pet shop, with parakeets and aquariums of fish that you could buy. I always liked going to the back of the store to see the birds. Fish, I didn’t really like, though.

My other favorite place in the store was of course the little counters of toys. There probably were more expensive toys, but all I could afford with my spending money was the cheap stuff. I’d buy little trinkets of some kind, and maybe a coloring book. But the most favorite were the little ceramic figurines. They only cost a few cents, maybe up to a dollar, but I’m thinking more like less than that. They had all kinds, and lots of animal figures, like dogs, cats, birds, donkeys, sheep, etc. I’d get one each time, and had quite a collection of them for awhile. I think I may even still have one or two left from those years.

After looking at everything in the store, we’d go check out at the front of the store. What amazes me now, but was a normal thing back then, was they had little bowls of water on the counter that had tiny baby turtles in one and little tiny alligators in another. They were cute, but the alligators would be hissing. I never even wanted to get one of these.


Sometimes my Granny would ask for and get for free, a large pattern catalog. These were the books you look for when choosing a pattern for sewing clothes. The discontinued books they would give away. When we got home with the big book, I had fun cutting out the pictures of people posing in the pattern example clothes, and playing paper dolls with them. I’d have whole families of paper dolls. That was lots of fun.


And, that’s all for today – tomorrow there will be more things I’ve remembered. Hope you’re enjoying these memories of mine. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. Your story brought back memories of my mother taking me to Grant’s. They had a little pet shop you described at the back and a little coffee shop was behind that. We would go look at the parrots and then have a frappe from the shop…sometimes a hot dog.

  2. Baby alligators in a bowl at the checkout?! Whoa! I kind of remember little turtles in bowls, but not alligators! No wonder there were so many stories of them being in sewers! Imagine, “Honey, I brought home a baby alligator from the dimestore today!” Flush.

    • Thanks, Bill!
      Seems like a strange thing to be selling alligators in a regular (or any) store back then. And to have them on the counter, right at eye level for the kids to see them snapping? Good grief! 🙂

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