Going to Granny’s (pt. 2)


Going to Granny’s (pt. 2)


I’m continuing my remembrances of the summer time visits to my Granny’s house. Part one is here


These are just a couple:


My Grand-dad was a big fan of horse racing. We didn’t have them here in our town, so he’d travel by bus to Ruidoso New Mexico, which I guess was the nearest track. I have no idea if he ever put down a bet, or won anything.

What I remember is him bringing home the paper racing form he’d gotten. He’d give it to me, because he knew I loved horses, too. Most times they were printed on pink paper – I don’t know why – and it showed the horses in each race, their name, and statistics.

I think that’s one reason I decided to make my own list of horse names. All the race horses had interesting names, I thought. Anyway, I made up a long list of my own made up horse names, and would sometimes use a real race horse’s name in my list, too.

I kept that list in my scrapbook, and blogged about it before. The list, along with some horse drawings by me can be found here


When I wasn’t out playing with the neighborhood kids, I’d stay inside with Granny. Sometimes after lunch, she’d sit in the swivel rocking chair working crossword puzzles. She had books of them, a crossword dictionary, and also worked the ones in the daily newspapers. She had two pairs of glasses – one for regular seeing, and one for reading from, which she put on while working the puzzles. I thought that was neat that she had two pairs. I’m thinking I’d be reading a book or something while she was doing that.

A little later, she’d turn on the TV to watch her ‘stories’ – soap operas. The only one I remember, though there may have been more, was called, “The Doctors”.

I don’t remember if they had an air conditioner or not, but I do remember the front door and the back door would be open with only a screen door, so the breeze could come through the house.


So … I made a separate list of all I could think of about these little remembrances of going to my Granny’s house in the summer time. There are quite a few, so I plan on sharing a couple on here each day, until I run out. 🙂


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. It sounds like you have wonderful memories of your grandmother. I’m smiling because my mother-in-law is very similar to your grandmother. . . likes to do word puzzles, loves her afternoon television “stories.”

    • Thanks, Priscilla!
      I do have good memories of my grandparents, on both sides. Could be I got my love of word puzzles and games from seeing her do these all the time. I later on watched a few soap opera series, but after many years, the ones I liked ended. So I never got into watching any more. 🙂

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