Dear Diary – May 13 – 19 , 1961


Dear Diary – May 13 –  19, 1961





For those who haven’t seen my Dear Diary posts before, a little explanation. This is my actual diary I wrote in for a full year, when I was 10 years old. I wrote every day, sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, but it was all recorded. Names of relatives are only first initials with relationship in parentheses. I’ve typed the entries just as I wrote them, misspellings and all, but corrected in parentheses. More posts of Dear Diary can be found by using categories, or search box. Hope you enjoy reading my childhood diary! 🙂


Dear Diary,

5/13/61 – We played all day. When I came home we went to the dime store. I bought P (sister) a birthday present. At night M & O & S (parent’s friends and son) came over. We went to Underwoods (a favorite BBQ restaurant) and ate supper. Then we went to the park and rode the rides (amusement park). Then we saw the ballgame . When we went home we watched the fims (films – home movies).

5/14/61 – It was P’s (sister) birthday. We went to church. After we got home J (cousin) and I played. Grampa made some stilts for us. J broke all of them except mine and D’s (cousin). P got a music box, tow (two) pair of hair clamps, 3 coloring books, a box of colors, a tiger, some Crazy Putty, some perfume and podeur (powder), forr (four) cars, purse, shorts, ring, braclet (bracelet) and necklace, paper.

It was Mother’s day. She got a pillow, a hot pan holder, a tea strainer, a basket, a ? (can’t make out the last word).

5/15/61 – I went to the dinest (dentist). After dinner I went to school. When I came home I played.

5/16/61 -I went to school. B (aunt) had her wisdom teeth pulled. When I came home I played.

5/17/61 – I went to school. When I came home I played. Then we went to Grandmas. P (sister) rode the bike. Then we went home.

5/18/61 – I went to school. When I came home I played outside. At night it rained.

5/19/61 – I went to school. After school Mother went to docter (doctor) to see about her ears. Then we went to the dime store. Then we went to B’s (aunt) to see if J (cousin) could spend the night. She could. We went home and played. At night we looked for frogs. We stayed up untill (until) 1:00 oclock.


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