Guess What I Am – NaNoPoblano – Day # 2 – Changes


Guess What I Am – NaNoPoblano – Day # 2 – Changes


What is NanoPoblano?

It is a fun month long challenge, hosted by Ra Avis of “Rarasaur”.

Here is the link that tells all about it.


Day # 2 of the NaNoPoblano challenge, and I have a guessing game for you.

Make your best guess, then scroll way down to see what it was.  🙂




What is happening to me?

I was minding my own business, safe and snug in my own skin, and then …

Is it supposed to hurt so much?

My kinsmen told me that this would happen one day, but never mentioned the pain.

Shhh – did you hear that? That ripping sound? Oh, what is the reason for this strange tear on my back?

I can’t see what is happening to me, but I can feel it. I feel like screaming, and I will …

Now, I’m stuck; I can’t move; oh someone help me.

Wait a minute. Now my skin has gone brittle, brittle …


I managed to wriggle a leg out of my encasement, now another and another.

Whew, let me rest a few minutes. I feel so tired, and a bit damp.

The sun feels good on my new wings. What? I have new wings? They are kind of pretty.

I will wave my wings around and sing. I feel like singing loud.

The pain is gone and I feel renewed.

So that’s what my kinsmen meant when they called it metamorphosis!









“Metamorphosis Timelapse of a Cicada”



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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