Escapist Coloring Club – November


Escapist Coloring Club -November

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – November 1, 2019


Linda G. Hill hosts this monthly challenge. It’s just for fun. If you’d like to join in, all the details are at the above link. 🙂 Thanks, Linda!


I just missed posting for October, though I meant to. But, I did do a lot of coloring during the month, and these pictures are just a few of the ones I finished.

The first one shows two girls roller skating. They have pink pants with black knee pads, and blue and pink tie-dyed shirts.

The next photos are from a little booklet that tells how you should get along with dogs. I finished the whole book, of which there are many more pictures.

The dog photos show:

  • black & white dog behind a fence & some pink & blue flowers
  • brown & white Basset Hound in front of pink flowers/green leaves
  • brown & tan dog in front of two trees with multi-colored leaaves
  • reddish/brown mama dog with five nursing babies

I like the larger designs in these books, as I have trouble with the teeny tiny designs of other kinds of coloring books, and I get bored if it is a large picture. So these are just about right.

You can click photo to enlarge. 🙂



Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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