Deer & Beer – Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge


Deer & Beer – Kammie’s Odd-Ball Photo Challenge


These are some weird things I saw recently. They were all at the grocery store.

first is a zombie doll head. It is bald, is white/gray, and has black shadowed eyes. There are some Halloween decorations and streamers, too.

Next is a ceramic sugar skull, and is a plant container. It is shiny and black with colorful eyes. There is a green spiky plant growing out of the top of the skull.

Last one is kind of strange. I don’t know what it’s about, but it is a large plastic deer head with antlers, sitting among stacked up cases of beer in blue boxes.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Kammie! Glad you liked these odd-balls. The one with the plant was at the grocery store floral department. I like how they have cute arrangements for the holidays. 😉

      • You have a corker of a grocery store is it a family run business – sadly many of the commercial stores have taken much of the familiarity away from customer to store?

      • I don’t know about a family run grocery store, but it is sort of a chain type. There are quite a few of the same one all over this city, and several other cities around Texas. We just go to the one closest to our house, and have for years, so we get to know the people who work there. 🙂

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