Fibbing Friday – Q & A


Fibbing Friday – Q & A


These are fun questions we’re supposed to answer in any kind of silly, wrong, or outrageous ways. Just for fun!

The instructions you can find at the link above.



The questions & my answers:

1. What is The Nut Cracker?

A nut cracker is a dangerous game that kids used to play. It consisted of two, hard plastic balls attached by a string. They made a clacking noise when hit together, like cracking nuts.

2. Why are Pandas black and white?

It’s to illustrate the old joke about ‘what’s black & white & red all over’. It’s the before sample.

3. If storms are in teacups, and pools are in whirls, what puts us in a spin?

When we get an ear infection that gives us vertigo = lots of dizzy spinning.

4. What do chocolate buttons operate?

I suppose chocolate buttons operate on chocolate bunnies candy.

5. If we are flirty at thirty, naughty at forty and thrifty or nifty at fifty, what are we at sixty?

It means we’ve passed all the previous levels of the game of life, and now we’re on level sixty.

6. Why isn’t orange blossom orange?

Too much of a good thing is too much.

7. What’s this fly doing in my soup?

Synchronized swimming.

8. What’s in a jam sandwich?

Two guitar players and a drummer having a jam session.

9. Why was Rudolph’s nose red?

It was the prototype of the later editions of the magic 8 Ball. It answered questions, too.

10. Why was the Mona Lisa really smiling?

Her face was frozen from having Botox and she couldn’t move her mouth.


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