Erase/Delete – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ent/ten/net


Erase/Delete – Stream of Consciousness Saturday – ent/ten/net

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 28/19


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ent” “ten” “net.” Use one, use two or use all three (bonus points for using two, double-bonus points for using all three). As Linda would say, use ’em any way you’d like. Enjoy!



Today for SOCS, our usual hostess, Linda G. Hill, is out of town, so we have Dan from No Facilities, taking over hosting duties. Thanks, Dan!


We have these for our prompt – “ent – ten – net”.


I’ve probably spent more than ten minutes trying to think of something that includes the prompts. I still don’t have much.

Well, ten is a number, of course, but I don’t like numbers very much. They remind me of math.

Tenent is a word. I read that it is an earlier spelling of tenant, which is someone who rents a space from someone else. We haven’t rented a house or paid rent in many, many years.

Net reminds me of sports, and I don’t like any sports, so net is out.

Ent or Ents were spooky tree-like people in the Lord of the Rings books and movie.

Oh, net … I thought of something else, well two different things.

First we used to have fish bowls and aquariums in our house (when I was a kid). We always had a little fish ‘net’ to catch them with. Another creepy reason I have a fish phobia. Gives me the horrors just remembering how fish lay there in the net with their mouths gaping open and shut.

Erase – delete – erase that memory!!

Okay, now I remember a time when fish net stockings were pretty popular for girls. I used to have some, too. haha 🙂

That’s enough for now.

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and weekend. We had thunder, lightning, and rain all night long.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

© 2019 BS

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  1. Well done! Thanks for joining us today and catching those double bonus points in your net. I remember those little fish nets. I had a friend who asked me to help move his fish to a bigger tank. Tenents was a good way to knock off two of the prompts.


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