Animal of the Day – Camels


Animal of the Day – Camels

#AOTD – SEPTEMBER 24, 2019


Here’s a new challenge all about animals! It’s brought to you by Betty Louise at the above link. Here’s what she says:

We have FOTD, WWE, BOTD,  we seem to have forgotten our friends, animals. So I decided to start one. You can use any animal domestic or wild.


My animal of the day is the camel.

Both photos here have a camel or two. We only see them if there is a traveling wildlife show. They are huge!



“Tracks,” by Robyn Davidson, is the author’s memoir of her journey across Australia, with her four camels, and her dog. Traveling 1,700 miles during the six months of her journey, she deals with harsh weather, unpredictable wildlife, and her quirky camels. More than just a travelogue, she learns that she is capable of overcoming all the obstacles piled against her. She writes with humor and passion for what is important in her life story.

I’ve read this one several times, and was so glad I found a copy of the book to buy, because it is unforgettable.

Book jacket of “Tracks”, by Robyn Davidson


This photo is of a tiny, red plastic camel. Looks like it was just a trinket, or something to add to a necklace maybe, as it has a circular part on the top. I found it in a box of old keepsakes of my Granny’s.



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