Bird of the Day – Ty Cardinal


Bird of the Day – Ty Cardinal

BOTD: September 14, 2019 Female Redwinged Blackbird


This is my Ty Beanie Baby red Cardinal bird. The tag says it’s name is Mac.

He is a pretty deep red color, with black around the face, and black feet. There is a big bunch of red feathery like material on top of his head.


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  1. The name suggests that was a giveaway from a St. Louis Cardinals game in the late 90’s (who, like other teams, had regular Beanie Baby promotions back then), named after Mark McGwire who was chasing the single season homerun record at the time. I don’t know if they sold Mac the Cardinals outside of the giveaways, so I’m a big curious as to how he came into your possession!

    • Thanks, Bill!
      I had no idea of the history of this red cardinal bird.
      I’ve added photos of the inside of the tag, and it does seem to be for the baseball player.
      I can’t remember where I got this. I may have gotten it as a gift from my daughter, or more likely found it at a flea market or yard sale. We used to go to Midway Flea Market in Columbia MO a lot, so maybe I got it there. I just like it because it’s a pretty bird.
      Thanks for the information about it. 🙂

      • That’s funny, given all the fervor over how valuable people thought Beanie Babies were going to be 20 years ago, that it was probably picked up at a flea market! The real collector’s items are things that you’d never guess at the time would be collector’s items!

      • It is funny how some things become more valuable over the years, and some don’t. You never know at the time. If you’re going to try to keep something you hope will be worth more in later years, it’s best to keep it in it’s original box. Most Beanie Babies were probably given to the kids to play with.
        I wonder why on this one they didn’t mention the St. Louis Cardinals on the tag.
        Thanks again, for the information. 🙂

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