Flower of the Day – Black Roses?


Flower of the Day – Black Roses?


I saw these at the store the other day, and got to wondering about black roses. I’ve heard of them. Then I looked to see what I could find about these kind of flowers.

There is controversy about if they grow naturally this way or are manipulated by florist spray paint, or dye in the water either while growing or later in a vase so the roots soak up the dye until the petals are colored.

There  was one article that said the only place on earth that grow these are in the country of Turkey, because conditions were just right. Others say it’s a myth.

All I know is I saw these real roses in a bouquet, and however they come to be, they were very pretty. The were very dark reddish/black.

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    • Thanks, Sandee! These were the first black roses I’d ever seen, too. Maybe they are difficult to grow, or make or whatever they do, so we don’t see them much. Glad I found these at the store.
      Wishing you a fun rest of the day and a good start to Friday & the weekend. ❤

    • Thanks, Candice!
      First time I’d ever seen any of these, myself. So pretty. Next time I went to the store, they were gone, so guess someone got to enjoy them at their house. 🙂

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