The Daily 4 = Q & A


The Daily 4 = Q & A


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The Daily Four


Do you have any friends from your school days and if so how often do you socialise with them?
Do you find it difficult to admit that you are wrong, and why?
What was the title of the first movie you watched in a movie theater?
What was the most awkward thing that you’ve done for a friend?


  1.  I see a few from high school on FB sometimes. There is just one I regularly email. She lives a long way away now, but came up here this summer for a class reunion (our 50th) and we and our families had lunch together. That was good to see her.
  2. I don’t find it hard to say I’m wrong. Most of the time I am, and just go oh well…
  3. At a drive in I’m sure my family went to some, but the first one I remember was 101 Dalmations (the original animated one). Then I remember in an actual theater was ‘Gorgo’, a horror movie about a giant sea monster/dinosaur.
  4. I can’t remember doing anything ‘for’ a friend, but my friend and I from the first question were always doing silly things together, like buying guitars and trying to be a rock band, or chasing down actual rock stars, neither of which we ever succeeded at.


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  1. Hey Barbara, nicely done and gosh l also remember Gorgo, an absolute classic just like Fandango’s memory 🙂

    It’s great that you were able to luncheon with a friend over your 50th class reuinion 🙂

    • Thanks, Rory! Good questions and fun to answer. I like reading about what others memories of the first movie they remember. Gorgo must have been what got me started liking horror movies. 🙂

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