Bird of the Day – Igor the Parakeet


Bird of the Day – Igor the Parakeet

BOTD: AUGUST 29,2019


Not a great photo, but wanted to put this on here anyway. I’d been looking for days for this photo and finally found it. 🙂

This was taken long ago, and is a picture of my little parakeet, named Igor. He was green and yellow.

We let him fly around all the time in the house. This photo is of him standing on one of our wine bottles that had candle wax of all colors melted down the side.

Igor was fun. We had him for quite a few years, and he could say his name, and also could say ‘Pretty Bird’.

We got him as a baby from a lady we knew who raised parakeets. She had lots of them. We’d gotten other ones from her, too.

Whenever we’d go on road trips, Igor would come along in his cage. He was a good traveler. 🙂



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