Fan Of … Coloring Books & Escapist Coloring Club – August


Fan Of … Coloring Books & Escapist Coloring Club – August

Fan Of… #19 — Rhododendrons

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – August 1, 2019


I would say I’m a fan of coloring books, and always have been.

When I was a kid, I was always coloring, then later on I’d color in books my kids had, and now they have coloring books for grown-ups. They are all fun and have interesting designs and pictures.

I do have a lot of them … whole drawers full of them, and can’t resist getting more whenever I see one. Some I get from the stores that sell them, and some I get from yard sales.

I don’t limit myself to the so called ‘adult’ type coloring books, either. I still like the simple children’s type of coloring books, too. Sometimes I get tired of the teeny tiny designs in the current fad, and just want a larger area to color in, and maybe add my own shadings and designs within the larger parts.

I use regular crayons, colored pencils, and markers to fill in the spaces, depending on how I want it to look. All in all, it’s a fun hobby, and also relaxing.


Here’s a few pages I’ve colored in the past:


Also posted for the Escapist Coloring Club – August

The Escapist Coloring Club Prompt – August 1, 2019


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    • Thanks, Li!
      I seem to have gotten away from coloring a page every day or so, tending to remember when it’s gotten late in the evening. Then I figure it’s too late to get it all out. I go flipping through page after page trying to find one that sparks an interest to color. Then I put it all away with nothing done. I need a better system. haha!

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      • I resemble your comment 😉 I got a new book yesterday which will help spark me. I don’t have to put it all away because I live alone — unless I get a visitor. At night works best for me because I get up so late (probably due to staying up late coloring) lol


      • That should do it – a new book to color in!
        I have my corner of the living room with all my stuff & computer, so can get to it all pretty easy. I don’t stay up very late anymore, maybe 10:30. But I get up very early like 4:30 or 5. I do the blog and reading for about 12 hours, then a few games. Instead of games, I should color a page again! 🙂


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