Bird of the Day – Roadrunner


Bird of the Day – Roadrunner

BOTD: August 16,2019



Here’s a new fun challenge! Just post something you like and are a fan of. 🙂

It’s hosted by Jez Braithwaite, and you can find his blog at the above link. Thanks, Jez!

How To Join In

  1. Create a Fan Of… Photo Post.
  2. Add a link to your Fan of… blog post in my comment box.
  3. Title your post Fan Of… or add Fan Of… tag.


This is a roadrunner bird. It is mostly brown and tan with a few white spots. We see them sometimes around here. Most recently one was running down our street, and he was so fast. I didn’t have time to get my camera!

Also, a roadrunner art sculpture made of copper colored metal was in our mall. I have no idea why, but was fun to see it.


Here’s another roadrunner. I admit it’s a bad photo, as I didn’t have a good camera at the time. But it does show how good the bird is at camouflage. They blend in with the dry grasses very well.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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    • Thanks, Jez!
      I always liked the Roadrunner cartoons! They are fun to see and they are very fast runners! My dad had one living in his back yard for awhile. Wish he’d gotten a photo of him. 🙂

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