Fan Of … Key Chains


Fan Of … Key Chains

Fan Of… #15 — Riverside Museum



Here’s a new fun challenge! Just post something you like and are a fan of. 🙂

It’s hosted by Jez Braithwaite, and you can find his blog at the above link. Thanks, Jez!

How To Join In

  1. Create a Fan Of… Photo Post.
  2. Add a link to your Fan of… blog post in my comment box.
  3. Title your post Fan Of… or add Fan Of… tag.


Here’s some of my key chain collection. I know I have more somewhere, just didn’t want to dig them out.

There are so many interesting ones you can get, and pretty much about any subject or topic.

There are those you can purchase at concerts, and museums. You can find them for sale at airport gift shops in all cities (along with magnets), and tourist attraction sites. There are give-away key chains, too, that companies hand out. There are useful ones, such as bottle openers, and hooks to hang on a lady’s purse.

Whatever you’re interested in you can probably find a key chain for it.

  • shiny blue key that is also a bottle opener
  • a plastic orange advertising one shaped like the number one
  • a red and yellow electric guitar with flames (the ring is broken off on this one)
  • a Ninja? with a red mask on, and wearing white outfit


  • Concert key chain from Miranda Lambert (her picture)
  • Concert key chain from the Dixie Chicks (black with gold letters)


  • a silver coffin keychain
  • a silver dog whistle


  • Souvenir key chain from Roswell NM (red & white – words say ‘do not enter – use of deadly force authorized – Area 51)
  • Silver UFO and alien with words Roswell 1947


  • Silver and turquoise hook key chain to hang on my purse (makes keys easy to find)


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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  1. I’ve got a few keychains, but not any official or unofficial collection. I usually used some of the novelty keychains I had for their intened purpose, and those ones encased in plastic tend to come apart over time…

    • Thanks, Bill!
      Same here, as I don’t go around collecting key chains, I just have a bunch it seems. At one time I had a lot on one big ring, but it got too heavy, so took them all off. Guess I didn’t use them enough for them to come apart (the plastic kind) 🙂

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