Thursday Inspiration – Fair


Thursday Inspiration – Fair


Thanks for the photo inspiration, Paula!

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This week’s theme is fair and the picture is below.



This is an actual ticket to the fair in our home town. It comes to town every September. They would give all the school kids a a free ticket, and we almost never missed a chance to go.


I haven’t been to our fair in a long time, but enjoyed it from the time I was a kid. There was the regular midway, with rides and games of chance to try. There are lots of food joints, my favorite being the fresh lemonade stand. There used to be side shows too. I remember seeing a sword swallower that to me was pretty scary.

They also have the livestock barns we’d have to go see, and the merchant’s buildings to wander through.

The whole atmosphere of a fair is unique, I think, with excitement in the air, the carnival barkers hollering, and music playing. Lots of fun.

I wrote a longer post about our annual hometown fair last year, if you’d like to read it. This is the link:


Here’s a cute song we used to sing all the time.


Thanks for visiting! Peace ☮️

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